The Joffrey Ballet's Hancher Performance in Des Moines, Iowa

Tonight's performance to benefit the Hancher Theater here in Des Moines, Iowa was an incredible success.  The performance was specifically designed to include those works in our repitoire with favorable, crowd-pleasing reveiws, and tonight's audience was incredibly receptive and pleased.  We performed Kettentanz, Smile with My Heart, Carousel a Dance, and Age of Innocence to a completely packed audience, despite the fact that Britney Spears was performing across the street.  I, myself, performed "Smile with My Heart" and "Carousel a Dance".

Stage Civic Center

An artist's perspective from the Civic Center stage in Des Moines, Iowa

They were a wonderfully responsive audience, even giving us a long standing ovation at the end of the evening.  It's wonderful to perform for a packed and enthusiastic house because its wonderful to feed off that energy as a performer.  After the performance, they threw the company a celebration party for the entire Joffrey and members of the Hancher Auditorium.  These kinds of parties are always a wonderful way to interact with members of the audience and to hear their thoughts on the performance.  Overall, everyone was incredibly complimentary, and the performance was a huge success for us and for the Hancher Auditorium.

It's close to 2 in the morning now, and my body can certainly feel the exhaustion.  I injured my chest, most likely with a strain to my pectoralis muscle where it inserts on my clavicle.  I made it through the performance and will give my body the rest it needs over the next several days.  The company always travels with its physical therapists, and while injury and strain to muscles are just part of the job, I always take the steps necessary to be smart about my injuries and my health.  Right now, rest is key.
We have a 9:30 am bus call in the morning to travel back to Chicago.  I am hoping to get a good nights sleep tonight and sleep most of the 6 hour bus ride home to Chicago.  A little rest, then back to work next week prepare for Thursday's performance in Millennium Park...
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Men's dressing room

Civic Center Call Board

Call board

Civic Center Joffrey Crate

Wardrobe crate

Civic Center Theater Case

Theater Case containing dance clothes, stage makeup, etc

(previously written on September 11, 2009)

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