Joffrey's First Studio Run Through of Othello

Today was our first run through of Act 1 of Othello.  Now that it is October 1st, things are beginning to come together and we can begin the countdown to opening night on October 14th.  There is a lot of preparation that goes into this role for me, besides the obvious fact of learning the choreography and trying to perfect my acting skills.  I have started to train on the gyrotonic machines the Joffrey has in our physical therapy room (workout blog to come soon), and I am sure to eat 5, sometimes 6 meals a day in order to stay physically on top of my dancing.  As we move into this stage of the rehearsal process, the thing occupying my thoughts the most is my stamina.  It is this additional body conditioning, diet, and full run-throughs of the ballet that will provide me with the energy that is necessary for success performance after performance. We are performing Lar Lubovitch's version of Othello, and it is a pleasure to have him in the rehearsal studio with us.  Right now he is focusing more on the cohesiveness of the corp de ballet.  The soloist and principal dancers often use their own time to work on their roles while he focuses on the corp, but eventually all will come together.  Every dancer has his or her own role, but with the appropriate number of rehearsal hours together, we function as a cohesive company.

(previously written on October 1)
Countdown to Othello opening....5 days!

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