Caffeine overload, completely acceptable

Today's tribute is dedicated to my mug of liquid intelligence.  The lifeblood consumed by the masses, coffee.  After watching my first episode of Dr. Oz, that focused on healthier alternatives in receiving an energy boost.  I decided to act upon his advice.  Who doesn't want to feel "healthy and happy" by adding yogurt and hummus mayo to their sandwich, replacing  coffee with papaya juice, while sauteing either fish or chicken in extra virgin coconut oil?  What if I don't like the taste of coconut?! (surely I'm obsessed)  Either I don't make the cut to live in the Land of the Oz, or it's all a bunch of colorful bull.  Power to those who by any chance, felt energized replacing their daily dose of  beautifully, brewed caffeine.  As long as this drug remains socially acceptable, coffee will remain as my source of energy.... as well as any man tall, dark and handsome ;)

Please feel free to drop me note with energy boost tips that work for you, I'm all for it!

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