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Top 10 New Inspirational Songs for Marathon Running

The marathon is almost here! I am TERRIFIED, but also super excited. You know why? Because I’m going lose myself in my BUMPIN’ playlist. If you’re looking for some last minute adds to breathe some life into your classics  (Eye of the Tiger, Born to Run, Beautiful Day) you’ve come to the right place. Here’s a... Read more »

Music Mondays: Now Playing Afrojack's 'Take Over Control'

The last two months I kept hearing this song and I was always too late for Shazam, but I finally got it. Fing HOT TRACK. I’m obsessed, this hit is on repeat all day everyday. Enjoy! Follow me on Twitter: @XimenaTalks ‘Like’ Collecting Chicago on Facebook.

Music Mondays: Now Playing Dev and The Cataracs 'Top of the World'

Yeah I’m obsessed with Dev and The Cataracs because their tracks are insane. I can’t until they come to Chicago and can rave like a loon. Until then, bumping ‘Top of the World’ as loud as I can will have to do.   Follow me on Twitter: @XimenaTalks ‘Like’ Collecting Chicago on Facebook.

Music Mondays: Now Playing DJ Felli Fel's 'Boomerang'

I’ve been spending too much time at the clubs. I’m loving everything about the new Felli Fel ‘Boomerang’ that has Akon, Pitbull and Jermaine Dupri on the track.   I’ll mix up the sound next week. Follow me on Twitter: @XimenaTalks ‘Like’ Collecting Chicago on Facebook.

Music Mondays: Now Playing Far East Movements, 'Go Ape'

So before you start with, ‘oh I’m hopping on the Far East Movement’ bandwagon, I’ve been obsessed with their tracks since I heard ‘Girls on the Dance Floor’ during a CSI Miami episode. Proof check the airdate:   My music monday pick is for soon-to-be club banger: Go Ape. Hot track. I’m actually writing this... Read more »

ChicagoMixTape.com Collects and Showcases the Best of Local Musicians

Music lovers and local musicians are going to really enjoy ChicagoMixtape.com, a weekly MP3 compilation of select local bands playing in the Chicago area. “The idea is that we take all those thousands of acts and distill them down to a handful of bands that deserve attention,” said Casey Meehan, the mastermind behind ChicagoMixtape.com. The... Read more »

An Average Night in Paris (Club)

The food at Paris Club is AMAZING but that was about the only thing that really stood out. Definitely go and see what all the talk is about but there’s no real need to go back (until the rooftop lounge opens to grab a summer drink). Atmosphere: Part of the problem I have with Paris Club... Read more »