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Chicago Mixtape Fundraiser: Free Beer, Great Sounds

  I have no idea what the Chicago Mixtape Fundraiser is. I do know Santah will perform during it, they killed it at House of Blues earlier this year, there is free beer courtesy of Do312, the show is just $10 and Empty Bottle is suppose to be bomb. What I’m trying to say is,... Read more »

Le Secret is Unveiled Tonight at Underground Wonder Bar

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Last night I heard from friend Robby Marshall saying he would be in Chicago playing a show, I immediately responded with ‘I’m there!’ I agreed to attend long before knowing any details because I knew I was guaranteed a great show. After all, the last time Robby was in town, he was on tour with... Read more »

It's a New Year. Need some inspiration to keep those resolutions? Watch Beyoncé's I Was Here

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It’s  a new year so obviously everyone is coming up with resolutions and new goals. If you need a little inspiration, watch this video and listen to the lyrics. I DARE you to not get chills. Never been a huge Beyonce fan but (especially after watching this) you can’t deny she is talented, driven and... Read more »

New Music: 3OH!3 - I Can Do Anything

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Since my op-ed appeared in Forbes, I’ve been listening to this jam on repeat. Holla! Why is 3Oh!3 not more popular? I mean I know I’m gonna be bitching that they’re too popular later on but whatever. I love them. They’re great. We could party.

Benny Benassi ft. Gary Go Cinema Gets Me Going

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Happy hump day! The weekends almost here!!! Let this hold you over until then You’re welcome.

Top 10 New Inspirational Songs for Marathon Running

The marathon is almost here! I am TERRIFIED, but also super excited. You know why? Because I’m going lose myself in my BUMPIN’ playlist. If you’re looking for some last minute adds to breathe some life into your classics  (Eye of the Tiger, Born to Run, Beautiful Day) you’ve come to the right place. Here’s a... Read more »

An Ode to the Get $leazy Tour

You really can’t beat this as a come-back post. The Get $leazy Tour (Ke$ha/LMFAO) is going to hit Chicago like whoa. Last time I went to see Ke$ha, I was ripping shots with Joakim Noah, told Luol Deng ‘sweet three’ the night they beat the Heat (the first time, reg season) and tried to pretending... Read more »

Chicago's Street Savi's 'Til The World Ends' Signed To Jive

John Saviano, the man who brought you these Street Savi tees is a dj whose ‘Til The World Ends’ remix’ was just signed to Jive Records. I’m digging the new spin on a song I’m already obsessed with.

'We Like Electro, We Like Hip Hop' Tees

Too much sports for T-shirt Tuesdays lately (not that I’m really complaining) but to cover all the bases, let me get my clubhead/ravers outfitted with Street Savi. Fellow ChicagoNow blogger Reyna (here’s her blog) knows my love for Guetta and tees and she told me about Street Savi awhile back. It’s a friend of hers (and... Read more »

Now Playing Dirty Money's "Your Love"

Late on Music Monday (being back in school is eating up my time).  Love Dirty Money’s “Your Love” even though it sounds a lot like “Hot Tottie“.