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'Feliz Dia de la Virgen de Guadalupe' and Why Chicago Should Care

Feliz dia de la Virgen de Guadalupe! Today marks the 481th year since Our Lady of Guadalupe appeared to the peasant, Juan Diego. Even if you are unfamiliar with Catholic Mexican symbols, you might easily recognize the Mexican icon. In stereotypical fashion, her image is used among the Latino community as a car decal, tattoo or... Read more »

Newly Opened 'Taco Joint' Hosting a Night of fun and Tequila

It’s Sunday and you’re probably already thinking of the weekend to com., Here’s a fun event to get you through until Friday (cue Rebecca Black). This Tuesday night, the newly opened ‘Taco Joint’ is holding a Cuervo Tequila tasting starting at 7 p.m. for just $25 per person. Every review for this place has it... Read more »