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An Ode to the Get $leazy Tour

You really can’t beat this as a come-back post. The Get $leazy Tour (Ke$ha/LMFAO) is going to hit Chicago like whoa. Last time I went to see Ke$ha, I was ripping shots with Joakim Noah, told Luol Deng ‘sweet three’ the night they beat the Heat (the first time, reg season) and tried to pretending... Read more »

Ke$ha at Enclave, The Bulls at The Underground

Ke$ha at Enclave was bomb. She only actually performed ‘Tik Tok’ but the dj did a set of her songs including ‘Sleazy’ which is a jam. Her fans clearly love her, there was a ton of glitter and thighs ripped up the sides. Derrick Rose was spotted at the Underground. He was shortly joined by... Read more »