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5 Things to do on Chicago rooftops besides eat and drink

1. Get married. Public Hotels (1301 N State Pkwy) rents its rooftop terrace for private parties and weddings.
Nice weather in Chicago has a short window of opportunity. However, that’s not preventing businesses from creating the space to host guests outdoors with the twinkling lights of the buildings as the backdrop. Guests eat and drink to hold their coveted spot on the decks, but there’s a whole new world of opportunity, if you... Read more »

Tasting Menu Worth Spending Your Tax Refund on

Tax refunds and date nights are a sure sign that summer is just around the corner. However, it’s still cold, wet and miserable outside so drinks and dinner on patios are out. So where do you unload your refund check if all drinks and dinner on the patios is out? Hit up Filini Bar and Restaurant for... Read more »

Le Secret is Unveiled Tonight at Underground Wonder Bar

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Last night I heard from friend Robby Marshall saying he would be in Chicago playing a show, I immediately responded with ‘I’m there!’ I agreed to attend long before knowing any details because I knew I was guaranteed a great show. After all, the last time Robby was in town, he was on tour with... Read more »

Chicagoans Caught Canoodling August 11 Could be Rewarded by Ian Schrager's Public Chicago

Make-out, hold hands and stare lovingly into my guy’s (or girl’s!) eyes and I could potentially get free overnight stays at PUBLIC, dinner at the Pump Room or drinks in the Library Bar?!?!?! Sign me up! Everyone of those spots are bomb (check the pics if you don’t believe me! Press release says: On August 11th, Ian... Read more »