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Beyonce's Rising Star: Ashley Everett On Mixed Families, Love and Success

Even though her signature moves have gotten more than 276.2 million views on YouTube and more than 60,000 people saw her dance moves last night as the ‘One The Run’ tour hit Chicago, most people still don’t know much about Ashley Everett. It’s understandable considering she’s sharing the stage with GQ’s Sexiest Women of the... Read more »

Fashion designer Elda de la Rosa draws notable crowd on May 29

Chicago, IL – Drinks, food, women and fashion. All of those four things will be happening May 29th as local Chicago designer Elda de la Rosa debuts her 2014 collection presented during “The Age of Opulence” fashion at the Montgomery Club at 6 p.m.  And a night of opulence it will be.   Racked Chicago | Happenings  ... Read more »

Joakim Noah is Chicago's Favorite Athlete Since MJ & St. Paddy's Day

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Dan Searls from Cube Time is Joakim Noah’s biggest fan. Don’t believe it? Watch the clip.

Tips For A Successful Super Bowl

Cube Time presents: ‘Tips For a Successful Super Bowl.’ Don’t be the uninformed MoMo with the wrong beverage choice, horrible bets, and meatless party. Watch the Searls brothers provide some valuable insight needed on not blowing the big game. WHO CARES IF CHICAGO ISN’T PLAYING.

Life Lessons from Famous Chicago Moms

To be honest, I wish Mother’s Day happened every day of the year so that it would be more socially acceptable to discuss the love and admiration I feel for my mom without people thinking I’m nuts. Lowering your guard to admit your mom is your hero and the reason you did something with your... Read more »

Uncover something new at Storefront Company

In the few steps it takes to walk across the length of Storefront Company, you catch a quick glimpse of what it must be like to be surrounded by beautiful, smart and interesting people. The building’s white exterior stands out against the dull gray on North Avenue and it’s windows framed with white curtains allow... Read more »

Untitled unleashes 'Unbridled'

If you’ve never been to Untitled, you’re missing out. The beautiful space makes you feel as if you’ve been transported to the era of speakeasys. The exception is, instead of an old-timey feel, it’s glamorous and cosmopolitan. So if you have yet to visit (or have and need an excuse to go back), go this Thursday... Read more »

Chicago Mixtape Fundraiser: Free Beer, Great Sounds

  I have no idea what the Chicago Mixtape Fundraiser is. I do know Santah will perform during it, they killed it at House of Blues earlier this year, there is free beer courtesy of Do312, the show is just $10 and Empty Bottle is suppose to be bomb. What I’m trying to say is,... Read more »

Cold and Snow Means Nothing in Chicago

  Winter has finally arrived in Chicago. It’s snowy, slush and cold…but you still want to go out! So hit up the Blackboard Affair tonight! Tickets are still available and it benefits a great cause. It’s the annual fundraising event for the Associates Board of Working in the Schools (WITS). Proceeds from the Blackboard Affair support WITS’ Saturday... Read more »

Grouper, The Evolution of Online Dating

Did you know dating websites like OKCupid, How About We, and all say January is their busiest month, with seeing an increase of 55 percent in memberships on January 2nd alone? Looks like all the single ladies (and men!) are resolving to meet a special someone in 2013. Well, as a 25 year-old with several... Read more »