Eva Longoria surprises Chicago fans at 'Devious Maids' screening

Eva Longoria, an executive producer for Devious Maids, Lifetime's new show centered around Latino domestic workers, surprised Chicago audience during last night's sneak peek at the Regal Webster Theater.

Audience members immediately whipped out their phones and began snapping away at the tiny actress. Longoria and star of the show Ana Ortiz answered questions from the audience, explained the importance of the show as the Latino population in the U.S. continues to rapidly rise and stressed its need for success in order for Lifetime to have hard numbers proving marketing to and for Latinos is a necessity.

"Look at the George Lopez sitcom," said Longoria "Not the late-night show but the tv show portraying Latinos, it got canceled because no one tuned in."

It'll be interesting to see how the show fares. I had a difficult time sitting through it as a Latino but I saw a glimmer of hope as the pilot episode hinted at smarter and more complex characters. A slip that Ortiz confirmed during the Q & A (I won't ruin the surprise, you'll have to tune in to see what happens.

The star was in town to meet with Bill Clinton and help kick-off the Clinton Global Initiative.

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