Tasting Menu Worth Spending Your Tax Refund on

Tax refunds and date nights are a sure sign that summer is just around the corner.

However, it's still cold, wet and miserable outside so drinks and dinner on patios are out.

So where do you unload your refund check if all drinks and dinner on the patios is out?

Hit up Filini Bar and Restaurant for a prix fix menu specifically tailored for you to blow your tax refund on.

For $85, you get the fancy food items listed below, including foie gras.

The restaurant is inside the gorgeous Radisson Blu, ideal for a night on the town

Tax Day Tasting Indulgence

Spring Has Sprung

Baby Vegetables, Goat Cheese, “Soil”

Foie Gras
Rhubarb, Brioche, Sea Salt

Grilled Octopus
Parsley, White Beans, Capers

Ravioli Sheet
Amish Chicken, Greens, Jus

Potato, Squid Ink, Fiddlehead

Wild Boar
Carrot, Coco, Root Vegetable

Cream, Beet, Rhubarb


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