Chicago Mixtape Fundraiser: Free Beer, Great Sounds

santah_chicago_house of blues


I have no idea what the Chicago Mixtape Fundraiser is. I do know Santah will perform during it, they killed it at House of Blues earlier this year, there is free beer courtesy of Do312, the show is just $10 and Empty Bottle is suppose to be bomb.

What I'm trying to say is, I will be there and dancing, while thinking I look like Beyonce but most likely resemble a seizure.

Santah's sound is reminiscent of the Lumineers, which is perfect during the cold months where a flannel shirt is practically mandated at these kinds of things. It's a come as you are affair.

Check it: 

Below is a full list of other acts lined up for the show:

Sat Feb 23 20139:00 PM



Hosted bar courtesy of Harmonica Dunn, Do312 and Olde Style from 8 - 9

Analog Visuals by Brownshoesonly

Special MC's Alison Cuddy (WBEZ) and Casey Meehan

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