Le Secret is Unveiled Tonight at Underground Wonder Bar

Last night I heard from friend Robby Marshall saying he would be in Chicago playing a show, I immediately responded with 'I'm there!'

I agreed to attend long before knowing any details because I knew I was guaranteed a great show. After all, the last time Robby was in town, he was on tour with Michael Bublé.

But when I saw the venue and actually listened to he would be playing with, I knew I had to share this hidden gem!

Tonight will be a rare opportunity to catch some grade-A talent at work (even though it is a bit last minute). If you don't have plans for tonight (or even if you do!) make your way down to Underground Wonder Bar for their "Wonder Woman" Series.

Robby will be accompany Jessica Fichot on the sax, clarinet and flute. Her music makes you feel like you're perched outside of a cafe in Paris people watching and sipping Orangina.

Straight from her site, she's describes as:

On her second full-length album, Le Secret, Jessica Fichot stirs a musical melting pot of styles and cultures. The Los Angeles-based artist's music is an international meeting point for French chanson, folk, gypsy jazz and world music. Lilting harmonies sung in French, Chinese, and Spanish cascade alongside accordion, clarinet, toy piano, strings and a variety of exotic instruments and organic percussion. Thriving on extremes, there are moments of heartache, and there are moments of exhilaration. It's intricate, yet it's also infectious. Ultimately, everything converges in on Le Secret that's meant to be handed down for generations to come.

About Underground Wonder Bar

The Underground Wonder Bar is the creation of the soulful and enigmatic - pianist, singer/songwriter, arranger and bandleader Lonie Walker.

Lonie and her Big Bad Ass Company Band have thrilled audiences from around the world for almost 20 years. Reminiscent of an era gone by, when the streets were filled with the sound of music and audiences looking for "jazz and cocktails," the intimate UWB is a small garden-level club. The bar takes up most of the front of the room and at the back is the stage, often filled to capacity with singers, percussionists, horn players, bassists, guitarists and all manner of musicians creating the music the Wonder Bar is famous for. The UWB's bar selection should satisfy even the most discriminating taste, with its abundance of domestic and imported beers, fine liquors, wines and champagnes.

Wednesday, Nov. 28, 20128:00 p.m.Underground Wonder Bar710 N. Clark St.Chicago, IL. 60654$8 cover

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