Bulls Out of the Playoffs, Good Can Come Out of This

The Bulls season came to a screeching halt last night. Especially devasting considering the season they had and the fact that they were shut-out by the Sixers of all teams. But with the team out of the running, maybe Luol Deng* is available next Saturday, May 19 to be my date for Campfire Ball?

Before you accuse me of being insensitive or having a case of the "too soons," let me explain.

No way the team is taking it easy. I would put a month's salary on the fact that every one of them is replaying ever moment of the last six games and imagining a different outcome, wishing they could change the past. I have no doubt that this will continue until the first tip of the 2012-13 season. They'll beat themselves up about it and wonder if a different course of action could have resulted in a different outcome.

I know because that's exactly what those affected by cancer go through. Families wonder if they could have done more to protect their children, friends of the those stricken by cancer wonder if they could have done more to encourage their friend to keep from succumbing to the illness. In the end, there is nothing you can do to change the past. You can only look to the future.

Campfire Ball benefits Children's Oncology Services Inc. (COSI), a local non profit that provides camp programs for children and teens. My first time at camp gave me a true perspective on cancer. The illness does not discriminate. It could care less about your age, race or wealth. It will grab hold, with a vice-like grip and ravage the bodies and health of those you love. The most shocking thing about camp? It's far from a negative or depressing experience. The kids there are so full of life because they can truly appreciate how fragile and vulnerable each day is. They are hopeful that their terminal diagnosis will beat the odds, and for a healthy person like myself, it puts everything in perspective.

So, in asking Lu to be my date, I'm not only hoping to bring attention to a worthwhile cause and organization, but to be a reminder that what you do next is what truly matters**.

For more information on Children's Oncology Services Inc. and Campfire Ball please visit http://onestepcamps.org. Kids are able to attend camps at no charge to their families through events like Campfire Ball.

*No random occurance I'm asking Deng to be my date. I had the chance to meet and chat with him last year and he was just so down to earth and seemed to have a great head on his shoulder. His foundation which helps the underserved population of Africa means a lot to me after having spent five months in Southern Africa and wanting to make a change. I'm be honored to have someone with character like Deng be my date.

**Everyone has different interpretations of devastion. For a pro athlete, yes, losing a playoff game is devasting. I am not a pro athlete and have to draw from my experiences. I became a counselor at the request of a camper who tragically passed away last year. I channeled the sadness and heartbreak I felt into helping ensure the continued success of a place he loved.

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