Free Cupcakes! Free Dinner! Leap Day Specials are Here!

Time to find me some new friends!

Specifically, those born on Leap Day because according to Cheeky Chicago, if you present your id at the Sprinkles (50 E. Walton), you get a dozen cupcakes...for free!

Now, at $3+ per cupcake-that's quite a steal.

I'm really digging all the leap year deals happening. Is this a first or did I just not pay attention before?

Mercadito is running a promo in which 1 in every 10 dinners will have their meal paid for (up to $50). How cool is that?

Those are the two I've seen that have been creative, fun and really getting me excited about leap day! Do things you wouldn't do! It doesn't count! (obviously I just watched the 30 Rock Leap Day episode).


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