Running of the Brides Kicks-off in Chicago

So a friend of mine recently got engaged (woohoo!!! good work Tom! and congrats Mags!) which opens up a whole new world of possible blog posts.

Perfect timing because the nation-wide Running of the Brides is set to kick-off this Friday, September 16 at 8:00 a.m.

Now, it's exactly what it sounds like...a bunch of crazies, running and throwing bows along the way in order to scoop up their dream dress at basement-low prices.

running of the brides

Ahaha, I actually didn't know this was a real thing. I was first introduced to it during a CSI episode that has this description:

A woman is killed when a mob of brides-to-be fights over wedding dresses during the "Running of the Gowns" bridal sale. 


Obviously I'm going to have to go by there early in the morning to snap some pics and witness some crazy.  I assume finding a dress is stressful enough without having to battle other Bridezilla's but whatever, might as well go all in.

I might have to add this guy to the bucket list for the laughs. Their website offers tips on how to succeed in finding your dream dress ("Recruit your team and assign jobs").

Maggie's too tiny to participate, she would get trampled on but doesn't mean you should miss out if you're getting married soon

Here are the dets:

Filene's Basement One State Street Chicago, IL

Beginning on Friday, September 16 through the weekend.

For a nationwide list of the Running of the Brides, click here.


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  • So I did this last year, and I would advise you to run AWAY from this. These people are way crazier than I ever thought. Basically if you're not one of the first 20 people in line, you're out of luck. The strategy is to run in, grab as many dresses as you can and form a circle around your pile as the bride tries them on. I made the mistake of trying to take one of the discarded dresses and I got body the mother of the bride. If you even find your dream dress, chances are it's dirty and torn and violated beyond being "the one." As a bucket list item, this is great. (That's really why I went.) But it's impossible to actually find a dress.

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