Things to do Before Summers End: Paddleboard

This weekend Liza and I finally crossed off a big one of our to-dos: paddleboarding!


Basically it's a long board that you stand on and you calmly row through Lake Michigan-in theory.

Unfortunately Liza and I decided to go Saturday where the wind was ripping through the city and the waves were coming in pretty hard.

It had taken us three months just to get to the paddleboarding place so after much deliberation (it's windy, we're gonna get cold, but summers almost over, we'll won't be back in time) we decided to go for it instead of being lame and just kayaking.

Let me tell you, best idea EVER.

The water was perfect. The sun kept you warm and struggling to paddle out while the waves kept you in the same spot for five minutes definitely helped. And it was just fun. It felt like you were on vacation and trying new things. It also reminded me of when I was a kid, so great.

So get out there. There's only a few more warm days left to try.

We went out to Montrose beach and the people at Kayak Chicago were wonderful. We got tips and mini instructions from their people.  I highly recommend them.

It was $20 an hour and it was prorated after that. So we stayed out an hour and 15 mins and paid $25

Ps they have little cubbies to hold your stuff so don't worry about we're you'll put it.


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