The 'Diner en Blanc' Adventure

This Saturday was Chicago's first Diner en Blanc which translates from French to Dinner in White.

The concept gained steam after this article appeared in the New York Times. It detailed this uber-secret picnic that not only has over 10,000 people attend but has managed to stay secret for 20 years.

Pretty dope to eat at Daley plaza as the sun sets.

I was one of the chef du tables or head of table for the event, and let me tell you-shout outs to Jen Luby, Kelly McCoy Williams, and James Borkman who organized this, coordinated with over 20 other heads of tables, secured permits in under a month.

It was truly a spectacular event that not only made you feel like you were at an elegant, French affair, but that you were also part of an intimate community (I guessing lugging around tables/chairs/food and other miscellaneous items across the city on the CTA creates that sort of bond).

I hope to be a part of the event next year and that will continue for years to come!



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