A Look At The Michael Jordan Steakhouse

As mentioned before, I'm no foodie. I'm more of it's either good or bad type of gal.

That said, I went to the MJ steakhouse on Tuesday and it was bomb dot com. Full disclosure I'm friends with the VP of the hotel. That said, I doubt that if you visit the restaurant you'll disagree with my assessment. The food is fantastic.

But let's rewind.

When I think of steakhouse, I think of old men in suits and cigars. Every now and then I get an inkling for a good hearty piece of meat but I usually pass because I feel like I don't fit the bill for the typical steakhouse-goer.

Enter Michael Jordan's Steakhouse.

The vibe is youthful and trendy (think Vegas). Especially with its glass catwalk that leads across an atrium into the dining rooms.

The location is prime. It's just off Michigan Ave. by all the shops and tourist attractions. Walking off the street, you feel like you've found refuge off the hustle and bustle of the city.

I can also really appreciate the simplicity of the menu. There was no foodie jargon that left me feeling dazed and confused. My food was exactly as described when I arrived.

My main gripe was with the music. Yes, I get it's trendy and has the MJ theme going on but when you're paying $45 for a steak, the last thing you want to be dining to is Rob Base and DJ E-Z Rock's "It Takes Two".  If you've read my other posts, you know I'm big on the vibe and I just wasn't feeling their music selection. I'm sending my playlist suggestions over this week.

The restaurants going to do well, I've read other reviews from actual foodies and the general consensus is: MJSH can hold it's own against the power steakhouses already in town.

The key to MJSH's success will be to leverage its differences (or negatives in some people's eyes), and not try to be like the other steakhouses in town.

Ps the 23 layer chocolate cake is a must


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  • I think I said elsewhere that newspapers can have the computer AutoText or Building Block of:

    "Michael Jordan's Steakhouse opened on [date]."
    "Michael Jordan's Steakhouse closed."

    As Eric Zorn can attest, my colon can't take steak, especially $45 of rare one. So, I won't be going.

    Maybe the music is part of Dave Chappelle's reparations bit.

    Finally, the question (as it did with Jim McMahon's ill fated steakhouse in unincorporated Northbrook) is whether the celebrity investor can get along with the Greek running the place (which then was no--and apparently a Korean-run Gaucho place didn't work there, either).

  • Nice review. I hope you saved the napkin as a souvenir. I know I would.

  • Can't tell what you ordered. Is that a steak or a tomato sandwich?

  • The portions are rather large and I'm not a big meat eater so I usually steer clear of it as well.

    I actually ended up splitting the Delmonico steak ($45) with a friend. There was more than enough to go around and we actually didn't even end up finishing it (I believe it was also one of the steaks on the smaller side-18 oz).

    Oh and the first pic is of the tomato onion salad! Very good, I probably could have eaten just that, that chocolate cake and called it a night.

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