18-year-old Embarks on Nationwide Energy Awareness Trip

Got this email about an amazing 18-year-old...how could I say no? It's refreshing to see 'young people' break the mold and do something not typical of a teen. Let's support the idea in the hopes that he will inspire others. 

chase manley.jpg

Chase Manley, 18

Chase Manley has beyond impressed me with his devotion to and conceptual implementation of raising awareness for a cause close to his heart. He is only 18 years old, but he expresses tremendous wisdom and commitment that is rare in any person, let alone one so young. 
In today's fuel driven economy, we are always hoping for an alternative to fossil fuel driven vehicles and to diminish, if not eradicate, the current natural-monopoly. I care deeply about providing vendors and consumers with alternatives and the promotion of a "free-market" which ultimately benefits the entire economy.  I have not, however, taken any steps to promote this (embarrassingly). We are lucky to have people like Chase and his friends who can help us push forward.
Chase and his friends began Trike Trek 11 (www.triketrek11.com) a year ago in the hopes to promote velomobiles and other environmentally friendly transportation vehicles. They have built their own velomobiles and will be embarking on a trek in June 2011 on their freshly built bikes(you can see videos on the website) from Chicago to San Fransisco--roughly 2,300 miles--in about 4 weeks. 
It sounds crazy to me, but the best ideas sometimes are. They need support, whether it is words of encouragement, marketing/promotions, donations to the project or charitable contributions to their benefit of choice--passion has gotten them 98% of the way there, they need that extra 2% to squeeze the most of their journey. 
I appreciate you letting your loving followers know about this.


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