Music Mondays: Now Playing Far East Movements, 'Go Ape'

So before you start with, 'oh I'm hopping on the Far East Movement' bandwagon, I've been obsessed with their tracks since I heard 'Girls on the Dance Floor' during a CSI Miami episode. Proof check the airdate:


My music monday pick is for soon-to-be club banger: Go Ape. Hot track. I'm actually writing this on a Saturday night and considering going out (but I won't because I love staying in).



Glad to see they're finally getting the recognition they deserve, the tracks are sick.

Ps am I the only one who thinks CSI's music is hot? (or am I the only 24 year old consistently staying in a Friday night to notice? Whatever) Who is their music director? It's gotta be some 20 something whose like 'F the old people, I'm going entertain myself and play whatever I want'. Whoever it is, I want them to send me some tips for music mondays


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