Looking For Some Summer Lovin'? Join S3's Softball League Exclusively For Singles

I'm 24 and my friends are fun, attractive and normal (relatively speaking); but about 80% are single. Why is that?

I hear this over and over: "There's no way to meet people except at a bar and that's gross".
Well I have a solution, join S3 Softball for some summer lovin'!

S3 Softball is a singles (16 inch non competitive) softball league that plays in Oz Park (perfect for the new city transplants stuck in the Lincoln Park bubble) starting May 15th.

There are 500 singles playing in this league alone and they also offer a second league later in the season.

The league plays every Sunday. Here's how everything else works:

18 Softballers per team. Half guys. Half girls.
They place you on a team with others your age from your area.
No need to form a team, they've got that covered.

Teams for ages 21-39
 $115 per player


Visit www.s3softball.com for more information

Use promo code BATTERUP to receive $15 dollars off



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  • I'm 50 and very young looking and acting...am I still disqualified from softball? I excelled on my church team in HS!

  • In reply to DianeL:

    This is an awesome way to meet other singles. If you are not into softball, check out SocialOne.com, an exclusive singles membership service that brings like-minded singles together over exciting adventures. We just launched in Chicago!

  • In reply to DianeL:

    That girl in the red shirt is way out in front and clearly off balance. A few hours of BP with your boy Shady and we'll have her swinging like the great Bambino.

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