Leaders. Lead Never Follow.

Playoffs got me a little crazy and there have been a lot of sports tees going up for T-Shirt Time Tuesdays (not a bad thing) but now it's time to step your game up and look fresh to death. 
Leaders will get you there.
My big bro, Leon Rogers, one of the FUNNIEST comedians out there and co-host of WGCI's Morning Riot is the fella who deserves the credit for turning me on to Leaders.
leon rogers leaders.jpg
Check him out below introducing Miss Keri Baby! In R. Kelly's 'Number One' video where he is of course...rocking his Leaders cap.

Their designs are EVERYWHERE and the cool kids already wear Leaders, so jump on it! I was just about to buy the red 'LEAD NEVER FOLLOW' sweatshirt but it's not there anymore. Sad face.
Seriously, if you're rocking their gear, you're going to earn mad style points. 
Now, these are straight up dude designs but ladies, that shouldn't deter you from buying some apparel to keep your guy looking good.
Cool thing about them is they actually have a store front (672 N. Wells, right by the Rock and Roll McDonalds). So save yourself some cash and get down there to scoop your tees, hats and sweat shirts up.
Ps. I never see Lee w/o Leaders anything on. Proof in the gallery below. 

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