Chicago Southsider Named 'CNN Hero'

Fellow Chicagoan and Southsider, Diane Latiker has been choosen for this weeks CNN Hero.

Diane lives on the South Side of Chicago working to make her community safer. Fearful that her own daughter would become involved with a gang, she opened her doors to area kids in 2003 and started a community center in her living room. Today, the mother of eight has turned the building next door into a haven for youngsters. Diane's 'Kids Off the Block' program offers tutoring, mentoring, job training and other activities to keep young people off the streets, out of gangs and focused on their futures.

So great, we need more people like Diane. Maybe she should encourage some of her kids to send in designs to Tees at Risk.
The link to Diane's story is available here and her segment is scheduled to air on CNN throughout today and Saturday. 

Now in its fifth year, CNN Heroes is a multiplatform campaign that shines a spotlight on everyday people changing the world. All CNN Heroes are viewer nominated.

If you'd like to nominate someone for CNN Heroes, nominations are now open and only accepted through the official form at


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  • Ms. Diane is one of the reasons why I have participated in citizen journalism since 2009. I remember reading her story in The Chicago Tribune Magazine in 2008, feeling inspired. And as I got involved in the "Stop The Violence" movement (which should be just a mission and not a life long struggle), we ended up bumping into one another.

    She is a mother, role model, and overall great person. Just like my Mom and Dad, she and Mr. Latiker raised 8 kids who all give back to the community and our nation in various forms of service...proving that the golden apples don't fall far from the tree.

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