Own a Piece of The $33,000 Table

Remember the $33,000 table I blogged about earlier? (Get up to speed here).

It didn't get the one buyer Patrick Skoff and Sam Brown initially expected, instead, it's getting several.

150 buyers to be exact.

When the table didn't immediately sell, Skoff and Brown once again showed their ability to be innovative thinkers and decided to cut-up their work table into puzzle pieces and sell the individual pieces.


Patrick Skoff_Table Puzzle.Cutting.jpg

The sales of each piece goes to fund Skoff and Brown's nationwide tour of free Twitter hunts. Each piece is currently listed at $130 and will include your name painted on the bus as a sponsor.


Sponsor.Name.Patrick Skoff.jpg

This image shows how your name will appear on the bus if you purchase one of the table puzzle pieces. They are framed in a shadow box, the frame measures 8" x 10" the pieces are about 4" x 4". Each piece is $130.00 but will go up as fewer are left.

The table has been cut into 252 pieces, but only 150 will be sold, the other 100 will be hidden around the world and the remaining two pieces will be kept by Skoff and Brown.

"I'm just excited because the sale of these shows that the table when completely put back together should be worth at least the original 33,000.00 Thanks to everyone for supporting my art!!!" -Patrick Skoff

To get your piece, send Skoff a message on Facebook.


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