Chicago Artist, Patrick Skoff Asks $33,000 for Work Table



Patrick Skoff creating a painting for Nana's (3267 South Halsted Street Chicago, IL) in March 2010

This morning, the following post by Patrick Skoff appeared on my facebook newsfeed (image below). It read:

For sale: this is the work table that all the work before today was built on. It in itself is a work of art. I'm gunna ask a crazy price for it, but if you figure over 300 paintings were created on it I'm hoping it doesn't sell and I'll hang it in my own home one day :) I love life right now:)

Patrick Skoff is a very talented painter who initially left his paintings around Chicago to get the word out on his work. That's how he met Sam Brown.

Brown contacted him to return his 'lost painting' and after she realized it wasn't lost, she asked to be a part of what he was doing. The two have been painting together ever since.

This idea evolved into free twitter-hunts. 190 North does a great job of explaining the concept in a here to watch it or check out this article by the Chicago Tribune*.

Nowadays, he has a hard time keeping up with the demand of commissioned paintings, which he continues to sell at a recession-friendly price; and is about to bring the Twitter-hunt nationwide with a little help from Blick and Whole Foods.

So, how much is he asking for the table on which he's produced all of his artwork since 2007? $33,000.

He explains:

every painting from 2007 til today, feb/06/11 has been on this table, either built or fully painted, how do i price that?

so its $33,000.00 and i know it sound crazy, but for any less I'd rather keep it and hang it on my own wall years from now. Or you can help repost it so some big company buys it and says "put it in a hunt" and someone will get it for free

If you know any interested parties, have them message Skoff on Facebook.

*I became familiar with Skoff's work in September 2009 while interning for Shedd Aquarium. He donated a piece for their 'Art Sharks' event. However, this article inspired me to a photo project on him for one of my grad classes at DePaul. Here's the blog.


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