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My Own Lean In Circle

This week in coffee…a couple of visits to Caribou, one visit to Panera. At Caribou, I ordered a lite version of a turtle mocha. Allegedly, this has 40% less calories than a regular one. I’m too chicken to ask the question, “Forty percent of what?” At my last visit to Caribou, I brought along the... Read more »

Coffee, God, and a Little Happiness

I went to another independent coffee shop and had a better experience.  The latte was more money and the mug was chipped but in a homey, cozy kind of way.  But, I liked it better than my last experience.  Elijah’s Coffee and Tea in Elmhurst is a good nook.  Elijah’s is named after the prophet... Read more »

I Just Want to Belong

The other day I went to an independent coffee shop. It wasn’t great. It wasn’t awful. They didn’t have skim milk but the latte was cute — the initials of the cafe were artistically drawn on the froth — and it was cheap. I still have not had a Starbucks all lent. I have not... Read more »

I'm Giving Up Starbucks for Lent

I’m going to do it.  And, if I do it, you should ask, “then, what is the point of  this blog that three of you read?”  Well, I’ll tell you.  I’m going to support the small business owner.  That is, if the small business owner includes Caribou, Panera, and Dunkin’.  But, seriously, I’m going to... Read more »

Coffee or Alcohol? One of Life's Many Decisions

When you’re at one of the special Starbucks in the city, you can have either.  Latte or beer?  Frappuccino or Chardonnay?  I was sitting at a long table — yes, one of the space-wasters in the burbs but efficiency-enhancer in the city — and drinking my coffee drink.  Next to me were two women, one... Read more »

Starbucks, A Closing Kmart, and Unemployed Suburbanites

I tried one of those vanilla spice lattes that  Starbucks marketing have asked all stores to sell hard.  It tasted like a chai tea.  If I wanted tea, I would have wanted ordered a tea.  So, I don’t think I will be ordering it again.  Starbucks, you are still brilliant in that you got me... Read more »

The Reusable Cup Question

Have you seen the reusable cup being sold at Starbucks? You likely have.  According to a poll by YouGov (a British company) 28% of Americans have purchased this item.  I’m shocked by this.  Not because it’s not a good idea.  But because that seems like an incredibly big number. I’m not one of them.  There... Read more »

I Once Broke Up with Starbucks

I Once Broke Up with Starbucks
I need you to know I once broke up with Strabucks. It was almost 10 years ago and I have not yet fully recovered from the terrible way Starbucks treated me. Of course, we made up. But we continue to work on our trust issues. It was a gloomy, wet day. I was getting into... Read more »

The Male and Female Approach to Coffee Talk

A familiar scene. A group of people gathering at Panera in the mid-afternoon for a work meeting. This group, in particular, was all men. And here’s what I noticed – I don’t think each of them could have been sitting further away from the table without needing to yell to each other. Women act differently.... Read more »

Bye-Bye Red Cups

A couple of days ago I bought a peppermint latte with the full sugar, as opposed to the sugar-free version, because I know it’s coming. The red cups are going to disappear. Just like the evergreen trees that once brought joy to living rooms now line the street for garbage day, red cups will be... Read more »