I Just Want to Belong

The other day I went to an independent coffee shop. It wasn't great. It wasn't awful. They didn't have skim milk but the latte was cute -- the initials of the cafe were artistically drawn on the froth -- and it was cheap. I still have not had a Starbucks all lent. I have not even brewed the Starbucks coffee that is in my cupboard. I've even avoided using my Starbucks mug.

It hasn't really been that hard so it's not too much of a Lenten sacrifice. I will return, though, once we greet Easter. I know that language of Starbucks. I never really have to ever ask a question there. I can rattle off a 15 word order that really makes me feel like I belong! There is something to that notion of community. I go where I know how things work. I'll admit I'm more comfortable asking for help as a grown-up when I don't know the lay of the land; that could be the reason why, in the last two weeks, I have asked two people who I thought worked at a store a question about merchandise. They didn't work there but they were very nice. Still, it's comforting to go places where you know how things work.

I work in an "industry" that is all about lifelong learning. I've always claimed to love learning and I read to learn and I love to read and blah, blah, blah. But I'm wondering if I really like to learn. Why don't I ever read about mathematical concepts that underpin the study of physics? I don't wanna. And, it would be tough! But I read things about women's leadership all the time. And, like Oprah, I have aha moments but they are the ones I crave. If I was to really be a lifelong learner, I think I could probably expand my horizons in a number of ways, including in the department of coffee joints.


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