Coffee or Alcohol? One of Life's Many Decisions

When you're at one of the special Starbucks in the city, you can have either.  Latte or beer?  Frappuccino or Chardonnay?  I was sitting at a long table -- yes, one of the space-wasters in the burbs but efficiency-enhancer in the city -- and drinking my coffee drink.  Next to me were two women, one with a beer and one with a glass of white wine.  I could smell their alcohol.  I could smell my coffee.  Oh, I loved both smells equally.

I guess there are a few of these Starbucks in the suburbs that offer wine and beer after 4pm.  Woodfield Mall.  Somewhere in Burr Ridge.  I get the 4pm idea.  But the women having drinks in the city were sitting next to me at 2pm-ish.  Maybe they are lax with the rule in the city.  Maybe the city subscribes to the notion of it being happy hour somewhere.

I see the value of having both offered.  And, I think it's a good business idea.  Starbucks would really stick it to me.  I could see having a glass or two of Malbec with a friend and then needing to spend some time with an Americano before heading home.  I don't have to leave my comfy chair that's been sat in by hundreds of people I don't know but, holy coffee bean, I may have just accrued a $50 bill.  Nice move, Starbucks.

And my hair smells like ground coffee.  Better than smelling like a bar, I'd say.

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