The Male and Female Approach to Coffee Talk

A familiar scene. A group of people gathering at Panera in the mid-afternoon for a work meeting. This group, in particular, was all men. And here's what I noticed - I don't think each of them could have been sitting further away from the table without needing to yell to each other.

Women act differently. The table at Panera almost becomes the center of gravity for them. And I'm talking about the time when a meal is finished and the discussion is the main reason for the gathering. For women, it happens at all ages. From the local high school's women's basketball team who choose Panera for their off-campus lunch or the group of knitters with grandkids, the women pull in to the table and -essentially - each other.

I know men and women have different styles of verbal and non-verbal communication. I've read Deborah Tannen. I read the management books on women. I get it. What is starting to make me think is about our cyber circles. Do I spend infinitely more time on Facebook than my husband because I like something that pulls me in because I'm a woman? The Atlantic ran an article last year that said more women over 18 have blogs and Facebook pages than men. Will we start to notice at some point that social media is more for women than men? Would a man ever sit around Starbucks in the burbs and want to write a blog about it?

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