Starbucks, A Closing Kmart, and Unemployed Suburbanites

I tried one of those vanilla spice lattes that  Starbucks marketing have asked all stores to sell hard.  It tasted like a chai tea.  If I wanted tea, I would have wanted ordered a tea.  So, I don't think I will be ordering it again.  Starbucks, you are still brilliant in that you got me to buy one and try it out. You could probably sell me a half-caf plastic-infused molten rubber drink since I become a sucker as the smell of your grounded beans greet me at the door.

I went go that vanilla spice latte to drown my sorrows about the local Kmart store closing in two weeks. I know I can go to Target like the rest of the suburbanites. But, I like my Kmart.  It's close to where I live, the kids' clothes are good, and they have good Disney stuff that is unavoidable to buy for your one kid who loves Mickey.  But, I really like the people who work there and who will no longer have a job in two short weeks.

The Kmart staff is diverse in age and race.  They are sweet teenagers who are still learning how to deal with customers by not having their earbuds in as they ring you out.  They are grandmothers who love their families.  They are job changers who may not have really wanted a job change but found themselves needing a job.  They learn from each other, always seemed respectful of each other, and kept a tidy store.

Oddly enough, the customers at Panera -- my favorite coffee-y hangout -- are a similar sort of group.  The unemployed group, that is.  I know of people who know each other at Panera because they were job searching.  Sometimes, interviews for places other than Panera occur right next to you as sip your french onion soup.  And, there are plenty of networking lunches where one of the participants is suited-up and in a situation he or she never thought would happen.

To the human resourcers and talent acquirers out there, come hang with me at Panera so find some hard workers.  Coffee is on me.


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