Bye-Bye Red Cups

A couple of days ago I bought a peppermint latte with the full sugar, as opposed to the sugar-free version, because I know it's coming. The red cups are going to disappear. Just like the evergreen trees that once brought joy to living rooms now line the street for garbage day, red cups will be a thing of the past.

I get a little bummed about this time. I think many share this feeling. The build-up to the holidays is huge. And, then, I have to admit that all the new year resolutions about weight loss don't really inspire me. They really need to but they don't. Instead, I find myself angry I don't have any Frangos in the house.

Three gazillion people have read the book I am reading - The Power of Now. I have to read it in small doses. Echart Tolle makes the case that to live in the "Now" one has to escape one's mind. The endless supply of running thoughts separates us from the Now. I find this "Now" living hard; I often think, dream, worry, about the future. Heck, I'm sad that the color of a cup is about to change. Living in the Now, savoring the moment, being present, whatever you may want to call it seems to take work. So, I suspect, I'm probably missing the point.

Yes, red cups will go back to white. And, I'll keep going to Starbucks. Using the 5 Starbucks gift cards I got for Christmas will ease my transition back to the white cups. Then, next November will come and the red cups will return. Until then, I have to try to remember every now and again the spirit of the red cup - a time to stop, think of how to be giving to others, feel good about it, and embrace the moment I share with the white cup.

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