The Long Table at the Coffee Shop

I've been thinking about the long table a lot lately. I've noticed that in the remodeled Starbucks, Panera, and Caribou, each place has the long table. Or, better known as the table no one sits at.

I wonder if the long table is to accommodate large groups or if its an attempt to bring a cool city thing to the suburbs. Groups pull the round tables together.

And, it might be fine to eat a sandwich next to someone you don't know at a crowded train station in the city or have your latte and share an outlet sitting right next to someone at Argo by Loyola near Water Tower. But, it's not what we do in the burbs.

We moved out here or have always been out here because we like our space. We are the antithesis of every single episode of House Hunters International. We like to spread out, even if there is no reason to do so.

So, all in all, the long table seems like a waste in the suburban chains. And, if there is one thing we suburbanites like more than space, it's efficiency. I'm beginning the Replace the Long Table campaign.

I need my Starbucks to look like there is space between me and the person next to me; it makes me feel less culpable for the "overhearing" I'm doing.

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  • Wow, another new thing I'm learning about the suburbs. I will know not to sit at the long table!

  • In reply to Jenna Karvunidis:

    Glad I could be of assistance, Jenna. Btw, I really enjoy your blog, High Gloss and Sauce.

  • "We are the antithesis of every single episode of House Hunters International." I love this. So true. I've thought that before having moved to the burbs 16 months ago, but usually because I love a) having 2 indoor showers and b) I love that they have doors or curtains. I'll add the long table to that list.

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  • You can afford to drink coffee from a coffee shop? The suburbs are so extravagant.

  • I noticed the long table for the first time today at my Starbucks. For this and other reasons, we are no longer friends. It's all about Caribou. And K-cups. So there.

  • The first long table I sat at was at the Hofbrauhaus, Munich, Germany.. Across from me sat strangers who were not strangers after a liter stein, even though my Deutch was nicht so gut.

    Interesting those who blog away on things and use "social" media are not so pleased with personal encounters.

    The burbs are the greatest wasteland of society ever created, Nowheresvilles of anti-social behavior with back decks and not front porches.

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