Inspired by the Cake Pop: Another 5 Foods to Put on a Stick

The cake pop. The ball of cake covered in fondant. (Thank you Duff from Ace of Cakes for teaching me that word.) Cake pops are a staple at Starbucks and now have become very trendy, trailing slightly behind the cupcake. I have to say, though, I don't often see people sitting around and eating them. That's probably because it takes 5 seconds to consume.

The cake pop idea is a good one. A little bit, a little taste, of something sweet. It made me think of other things that might be good in a "pop" form - foods we haven't yet put on a stick. As we celebrate New Year's Eve, I share with you 5 things I would pop-ify if I could.

1. Portillo's Pops. A tiny beef sandwhich, a hamburger, and a dog each on their own stick. Served with a side of ketchup only in the burbs. Sides of onion, relish, tomato, mustard, celery salt, and absolutely no ketchup in the city. No breading on the dog. A bun, please. Corn dogs are gross.

2. Cheerio Pops. A Cheerio about the size of a donut on a stick that moms give to toddlers in the car as a way to eliminate the number of run-away O's that will remain in my backseat until said toddler goes to high school. Gotta make sure she doesn't poke her eye out with the stick when she's done.

3. Frango Pops. That's just to make the Frango bigger. I love Frangos.

4. Pudding Pops. Hey, wait. Are those still out there or did they go away when Bill Cosby stopped wearing those sweaters? I loved getting the layer of ice off the pudding pop to get to the creamy goodness beneath.

5. Vegetable Pops. Covered with cheese. That's fondue, isn't it? Okay, cover the cauliflower pop in chocolate and I'll eats my veggies.

I realize putting food on a stick is not new. Ice cream bars, suckers, roasting marshmallows are all common. And they are very much something that feels freeing, kid-like. Maybe it's not to get our hands sticky or maybe its just to ensure a smile. When people eat things off sticks, smiles are assured. Thank you, cake pop.

Happy new year.

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