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How Microtransactions Can Affect a Video Games' Reputation

By Adrian Velazquez  I love video games but things like micro-transactions can really make or break a video game for me. Micro-transactions are a business model where users can purchase virtual goods via micro-payments. Microtransactions are often used in free-to-play games to provide a revenue source for the developers. In the past years in the video game industry,... Read more »

Don't Just Play Video Games, Make Video Games!

Don't Just Play Video Games, Make Video Games!
By: Axel Flores-Leon In the world that we live in, the big picture for many people is “Money”. There are many ways to make money, but what’s an easy way to make money? Learning how to code is the answer to that question! Technology is the structure of the future, so if you start learning... Read more »

Phones Take up Too Much Time, But Maybe That's Ok.

By: Raul Sanchez Ever since the cell phone was introduced in 1973, people have been fascinated with them. In the late 70’s the cell phone back then cost a fortune! Only the rich could have afforded the first cell phones. Let’s fast forward to 2007 when the computer company, Apple, announced the first iPhone. That announcement started... Read more »

Drones Should Be Illegal

By: Axel Flores-Leon As the future comes upon us people, new technology is created and upgraded. Drones can come a long way depending on which kind you’re talking about, whether its military equipment or something you can buy online or at a store. If you think about it, store-bought drones or ones that you buy... Read more »

A visit to the best mobile technology company's department: Samsung

By: Jesus Alvarado-Garcia Many people do not know that I am an avid gamer. I play competitive Rocket League and at times certain games may trigger anger. Unfortunately, my only working controller became a victim of such an event and I found myself at my local BestBuy looking for a new controller. However, while visiting,... Read more »