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Chicago Bears: Why we started so Bad

By: Clarke Criddell The Chicago Bears have had a bad start. The urgency to provide upgrades with upside was not present. I have been a Bears fans and football fan for as long as I can remember and I know a lot when it comes to free-agency and your teams. The Chicago Bears have had... Read more »

Don't Just Play Video Games, Make Video Games!

Don't Just Play Video Games, Make Video Games!
By: Axel Flores-Leon In the world that we live in, the big picture for many people is “Money”. There are many ways to make money, but what’s an easy way to make money? Learning how to code is the answer to that question! Technology is the structure of the future, so if you start learning... Read more »

Javascript Should be Learned by every Programmer!

By: Kevon Hampton Javascript is not just any Programming language it is the language that helps animate and makes a website interactive. Javascript is used in some of the biggest websites in the world which is why I thought it would be interesting to learn and it’s why I think it is so important to learn.... Read more »

8 Ways To Make Money Off Of Coding

1. Computer Programming - Computer programming is the process of solving computer problems. To become a computer programmer you have to have the skill and the patience. You have to know the fundamental programming language. To go to school for this you have to get at least a bachelors degree. Most computer programmers have one. Degree programs are offered from the associate through the doctoral level. According to the BLS reports, the median annual wage for computer programmers was $79,530 in 2015. The best-paid 10 percent in the field made about $130,800, while the bottom 10 percent made about $44,450.
By: Alanna Elmore I wrote an in-depth post,  What Is Code, that you can read, but basically coding is like a puzzle. You have to use your brain and solve problems. Coding is a good skill to have because it’s a money maker. Technology is the future. Coding and computer programming is going to be the biggest job in... Read more »

Phones Take up Too Much Time, But Maybe That's Ok.

By: Raul Sanchez Ever since the cell phone was introduced in 1973, people have been fascinated with them. In the late 70’s the cell phone back then cost a fortune! Only the rich could have afforded the first cell phones. Let’s fast forward to 2007 when the computer company, Apple, announced the first iPhone. That announcement started... Read more »

Samsung beats Apple in the "best flagship phone" race of 2016

By: Jesus Alvarado When asked “What phone brand do you prefer?” most individuals tend to pick Apple or Samsung. The logic behind this is very simple, they are the top companies in the mobile technology race. There is little to no competition that can go against these two giants. Yet one of these two companies... Read more »

Tech To Watch Out For In 2017

By: Daniel Olivarez Seeing technology progress throughout my life is amazing. I’ve gone from seeing people carry flip phones to smartphones over the course of my life. Seeing the advancement of technology excites me even if I’m not able to afford all of the gadgets on this list. This list will consist of all the... Read more »

Bringing a desktop to college is not a bad idea

By: Jesus Alvarado College, a new beginning for many students and a new struggle for others. What makes up a student, though? Many students go to college unprepared and often use their first year to establish a few guidelines in order to be better prepared for next year. Perhaps they did not bring enough writing... Read more »

My Top Three College Laptops

By: Daniel Olivarez Since I’m going to college in a couple of months I decided that I should do some research what laptop I should buy for school. I’m majoring in computer science and I love playing computer games so I want a good portable laptop. I have certain specifications in mind in order for... Read more »

Self-Driving Cars: The Future of Commuting

By: Luis Balderas Have you ever sat in driving class wondering how you are ever going to master these set of skills in the real-world? Don’t you wish you can sleep on the way to work instead of driving? When stuck in traffic, don’t you wish you could get to your destination faster without the... Read more »