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Samsung beats Apple in the "best flagship phone" race of 2016

By: Jesus Alvarado When asked “What phone brand do you prefer?” most individuals tend to pick Apple or Samsung. The logic behind this is very simple, they are the top companies in the mobile technology race. There is little to no competition that can go against these two giants. Yet one of these two companies... Read more »

My 5 Best Tips to Find the Perfect Headphones

My 5 Best Tips to Find the Perfect Headphones
By: Axel Flores-Leon Music is everywhere and always around us at any given time, whether it’s a beat or a sound. When you’re in a car, there is usually some music playing on the radio, and there is always somebody at school or office listening to music. Music is the main essence that can describe... Read more »

Drones Should Be Illegal

By: Axel Flores-Leon As the future comes upon us people, new technology is created and upgraded. Drones can come a long way depending on which kind you’re talking about, whether its military equipment or something you can buy online or at a store. If you think about it, store-bought drones or ones that you buy... Read more »

Building a Computer is Worth It

By: Daniel Olivarez The Purchase I got my first ever job working in a factory with my dad. From my first paycheck, I knew I wanted to save up to build a computer that would allow me to play video games. After saving up a little over $1.5k I was ready to order my parts.... Read more »