Open letter to Trump: Do You Hate America?

By: Almani Bryant

Dear Mr. Trump,dazzle

When was the point in time in which the United States of America can be considered "great"? What time, in the past, do you plan to take us back to that is better than what we have now (minus the ruckus you have caused these past months)? Is it the time in which slavery was still in full effect and my forefathers were being beaten and oppressed because the Europeans, who came and stole this land we call America from its native people, were too lazy to work themselves.

If I can recall correctly, they really loved cleaning up after white people and being treated as less than nothing without any protection from a government that supposedly enforces "freedom for all". If this is where you plan to go, congrats, you are already halfway there. You have given your followers a platform to display their true feelings for people of color again and it has been a really enjoyable experience. Keep up the good work! (I feel the need to clarify that I am being sarcastic here.)

How is any former America "greater" than what we have today? Maybe, while you're taking a look at the past, you can take time to read the constitution and learn about the 48 contiguous states of America and beyond. Hopefully, you and others will see that a lot of things that you are doing goes against the laws that your precious flag stands for. You are trying to change America to be something that it was never meant to be. America is for everybody. It's the one place everybody wants to go to start over, to provide a better life for their loved ones. America doesn't have to be about being superior to be the best. We can be superior by focusing on what matters, the people.

We are for the people, Mr. Trump. We supposedly grant freedom of speech and the freedom to protest to our citizens because this is not a dictatorship and we believe in giving the people a real voice. We are not about shutting people up every time we hear something we don't like because everyone is entitled to their own opinion. We accept and embrace differences because Americans are not just Americans. They come from different parts of the world, with different cultures and traditions. This is what makes us superior, but you don't even see it. Why are we seemingly not enough for you the way that we are, Mr. Trump?

Why can't we go forward? Why can't you build your own name as president instead of trying to tear down the legacy of those who have come before you? You can be the president that fixes the school system and improves government security but you have to stop worrying about how you can undo the things that others have done and you cannot expect to go anywhere if you are stuck in your glory days.

Do you hate America? You obviously don't want us people of color to live with the liberty to speak our minds and our own truths. Why do you want to ignore parts of the Constitution in an attempt to try and make yourself look better than others? How can we possibly benefit from building walls around the land of the "free"?

What can we possibly accomplish by banning people of different countries just because they look like they could possibly hurt someone? Anyone has the power to hurt another, so that is no reason to keep someone from a better life, here in America. How do we benefit from ignoring the cries of our fellow Americans just because they are not a part of a state? Puerto Rico is a U.S. territory. You have just as much responsibility for them as any other area in here, but you didn't even know that.

If you ever read this, I hope that instead of tweeting negativity,  you can see why I and many others question whether you care about America in the first place. Because as it stands this seems likes some random thing you do after you get back from a golfing trip.



A Concerned Citizen


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