Don't Just Play Video Games, Make Video Games!

Don't Just Play Video Games, Make Video Games!

By: Axel Flores-Leon

In the world that we live in, the big picture for many people is "Money". There are many ways to make money, but what's an easy way to make money? Learning how to code is the answer to that question! Technology is the structure of the future, so if you start learning how to code, you can get an easy job right on the couch of your home.

A great way to start learning how to code is by using a website called TeamTreehouse. I personally love video games more than anything in the world; video games are what brought me to love the tech industry. Within Treehouse, there is a track called "Beginner Game Development with Unity".capture1-0 This track is about learning the basics of Game Development which can, therefore, lead on to a better understanding of how to make a Video Game just by learning how to code. At the beginning of this track, I sought to learn how to make a video game right off the bat, but there is much more to it.

During the track, I came across a lot of challenges, and to be a good coder you have to face a lot of challenges unfortunately. I learned a lot about the Unity Basics and C# basics.capture2-0capture3-0 Once you really get a hang of the coding, it really isn't all that difficult, unless you have no idea what to do, then that's where you could get the Treehouse community to help you or any other online helper.

This track wasn't really at all what I expected because I thought that making a video game would be all easy, but you have to learn all the code, how to make textures, the dimensions, the lighting, etc. I haven't tried using my skills to make a video game yet because I don't feel comfortable with my abilities yet. Hopefully soon!

With all this information that I have learned from this track, I will continue to learn even more things about Video Game Development so one day I could create a great game for the community to play. Not only will I just learn how to make a video game, but I will also learn how to use JavaScript, HTML, and Swift, all so it can enhance my skills in being a better coder and thinker. With all of this new information I will use it to make money to provide for myself and hopefully for my future family when I take this as a full time career. I'm planning to attend College/University in about 3 years and that will ultimately finalize my decision in the tech industry.

Thank you for reading my blog and remember to keep on Coding!

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