Phones Take up Too Much Time, But Maybe That's Ok.

By: Raul Sanchez

Ever since the cell phone was introduced in 1973, people have been fascinated with them. In the late 70's the cell phone back then cost a fortune! Only the rich could have afforded the first cell phones. Let's fast forward to 2007 when the computer company, Apple, announced the first iPhone.

That announcement started a revolution. Every other company tried to replicate or copy the idea of touch screen phones. I think that sparked the revolution or the cell phone era. Nowadays, everyone has a phone - even littles kids! I remember a few years ago kids would've been outside playing, but now they are just outside on their phones.

People spend around 9 hours on phones, more than the time that is needed for sleep! Nowadays, everyone has a phone even littles kids! I remember a few years ago kids would've been outside playing but, they are just outside on their phones.

Kids are not the only ones who are affected. Teens also have a great impact on the cell phone usage. Social media has taken control of teens. Facebook, Snapchat, and many more social media sites have been on the rise since they went mobile. If you go to a party full of teens, most, if not all, are going to be on their phones. Parents around the world are complaining about the increase of phones and kids spending too much time on social media instead of spending time on homework or chores.

Adults have also been spending too much time on their phones. Adults spend more time in the morning reading emails than eating breakfast. Adults tend to look at their phone when talking to someone and people see that as being rude. The first thing people do is wake up and check their phone.

Phones have been toxic to many people around the world, but they also benefit from smartphones. Kids learn a lot from learning apps. Many parents download learning apps and give their phone to their kids to let them be quite but, they learn at the same time.

Phones also help people reduce stress! They can search up calm, soothing music, put their headphones on and relax. Phones also encourage you to exercise. Most phones have an activity tracker to help you keep track of how many steps you walked or, how long you worked out for.

So, to everyone that is using their phone right now, maybe even reading this on it, be sure that you at least consider the bad things that come with using a phone or, even the good things, just put it down every once in a while.

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