Tech To Watch Out For In 2017

By: Daniel Olivarez

Seeing technology progress throughout my life is amazing. I’ve gone from seeing people carry flip phones to smartphones over the course of my life. Seeing the advancement of technology excites me even if I’m not able to afford all of the gadgets on this list. This list will consist of all the technology that I am excited to see this year. I’m looking at tech that has or will come out this year and why I am excited about it.

Out Now

Let’s kick this list off with things that are already available for purchase and why I am excited about them.

#1 Nintendo Switch $299.99

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Nintendo disappointed me with the Wii U as there weren't many great games out that made it worth buying. As a result, I was skeptical of the Nintendo Switch. Nintendo turned this around when they announced that the new Legend of Zelda would be coming to the Nintendo Switch. This has by far been one of the best video games that I have ever paid and if you have the money I would suggest picking it up as Nintendo is also planning to release more games for it in the near future.

#2 NVidia GTX 1080 Ti  $699.99

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I love playing video games on my computer and seeing the capability of this graphics card is insane. This card is guaranteed to run the newest games at the highest settings for years to come. This is a higher end graphics card and since it just came out this year, the price is kind of expensive. Do I think the price is worth it? No, absolutely not because most people wouldn’t use it to its fullest capabilities. Regardless of this,  the price will drop in the future and it will be worth the buy. It is still exciting to see the capabilities of it even if the price is insane. IF the card is affordable for you and you think you’ll be playing video games that require this much power, go for it.

#3 AMD Ryzen 7 $499.99

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For those who don’t know much about processors, Intel DOMINATES the processor market. If you were to look at your computer or laptop, I can almost guarantee you that it is an Intel processor. This is because over the last couple of years AMD has been outmuscled by Intel in the processor market. AMD’s Ryzen is the answer for their processor problems. Now although the price seems pretty high, this product can compete with Intel’s processors that are worth almost double this chip. Even if you don’t buy this chip, it excites me for the future. This card makes AMD competitive again and this forces Intel to lower prices or make better processors than AMD making the market better.

Coming Later This Year

Let’s move on to things that are coming out later this year that I am excited for.

#1 New One Plus Phone

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I love smart phones but I cannot justify spending upwards to $800 for a Samsung Galaxy and I refuse to own anything Apple related. Google used to make an affordable smartphone that competed with these “flagship” phones, however, Google discontinued their Nexus line and began making their own phone known as the Pixel which is also as expensive and Samsung and Apple. This is where the new One Plus comes into play. The Phone is rumored to be around $400 dollars, which is significantly cheaper than the other aforementioned phones. Along with this, the specs on the phone can compete with the bigger phones and is worth a purchase if you are not willing to spend a large amount of money on a phone.

#2 Microsoft’s Project Scorpio

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Microsoft is upgrading the hardware in the Xbox One so that it can run newer games better. I own a PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and an Xbox One. Although I prefer to play video games on my computer, some of the consoles offer great exclusives games. By upgrading the hardware in the console, newer games will come out with better graphics and this console will be able to handle them. For those who enjoy gaming from the comfort of a sofa, I would suggest buying this console.

#3 Samsung Galaxy 8

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I refuse to purchase anything Apple as a result of their overpricing everything that they sell. If someone was looking to buy a high-end phone this year, skip out on the new iPhone. Purchase the Samsung Galaxy 8. Samsung has produced quality phones over the last couple of years and I expect this phone to be phenomenal. If I personally had to buy a high-end phone, it would be a Samsung Galaxy. The phone runs android and will have the best specs at the time of its release. Along with this, my friend loves Samsung’s phones so it will be interesting to see how it compares to other phones coming out this year.


These are only some of the things that I am keeping an eye on. I’m sure there will be more interesting tech coming out this year that I surely missed since this list is so small. This list was only things that caught my eye and I’m sure there are other things coming out this year. It’s still early in the year and I’m sure more things will be announced this year so to stay up to date.

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