Felicity Smoak is The Best Sidekick (Who deserves a show)

Felicity Smoak is The Best Sidekick (Who deserves a show)

By: Brian Patterson JR

Felicity Smoak is a character from the Arrowverse which includes Arrow, Flash, and The Legends of Tomorrow. All can be watched on CW and on Netflix.

Felicity Smoak is played by actress Emily Bett Rickards who has played in many movies and shows but is very known for her recent screen time on Arrow.

On the Arrow, Felicity met Oliver Queen when he was still just a vigilante, his family owned the company that she worked for, Felicity is a genius and known for coding and hacking skills, so Oliver would ask for help recovering evidence from the internet from her. Felicity suspicions grew more and more as she kept working for Oliver. Eventually, Oliver stepdad's disappearance would push Felicity over the top she demanded Oliver to tell her the truth and she then joined team Arrow. fs

Felicity is a big role model on the show even though she is not the main character. She is always looked at as cute, innocent, and just nerdy. The truth is Felicity is just as brave as Oliver; she risks her life multiple times. She even gets her hands dirty in the season 3 episodes out now.

Most importantly, Felicity breaks a lot of stereotypes about people in STEM and women too. She shows that she can be brave, compete as a hacker and help save the day. Felicity Smoak breaks multiple sexist stereotypes. I find Felicity very inspiring. She makes me want to do better plus help uplift women in and out of the field of STEM.

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