Is Technology A Good Idea For Children

By: Alanna Elmore and Ben Garcia

Some parents think technology isn't a good idea for their children.  Some think children should be outside playing with their friends and toys. Others think that children should have iPhones and tablets and that they should watch TV all day. We are going to explore the are pros and cons when it comes to technology for children, and see if too much technology could be very dangerous for kids.

Alanna: Technology isn't the best idea for young children or even teenagers. I say this because your brain doesn't stop developing until your mid 20's, and for some, in their early 30's. According to, from the time they can grasp an object in their hands, kids reach for electronic gadgets of all kinds, particularly our cell phones and computers. When a kid gets a hold of some type phone or tablet they're going to get attached to it. For example, a calculator. Kids rarely do the math on their own; they use the calculator because it's easier. The calculator itself is bad even though its very helpful. It's bad because the calculator is doing the work for you. You don't even have to really use your brain, all you have to know is your numbers and symbols.

Ben: I think technology is a good idea for children, especially the calculator. The calculator is a big help for kids when doing things with numbers. I think the calculator is a very good piece of technology because it saves time. For example, on a test. 5 minutes left until time is up and its a few problems with big numbers are left. Instead of doing all the problems by hand and wasting time, a calculator could be used. According to, This handheld device allows students to solve complicated problems quickly and in an efficient manner. Additionally, it can reduce the problem to simpler tasks and allows the student to devote more time in understanding the problem. Secondly, they are saved from monotonous calculations and the same boring procedure.

Alanna: Technology can also impact a child's lack of social skills. If a child is on their phone every day for most of the day they're not going to be very social. Maybe through text, but not in person. Having phones or any piece of technology could also cause laziness. For example, a teen might need their parent for something. Instead of going to get them, some teens will call them on their phone to tell thsleepyem what they need. Technology can also cause poor sleeping habits. Instead of going to sleep at 9:30 pm for school, a teen might not go to sleep until 1:35 am for school because they are too busy being on their phone. If they wake up and do not have enough energy, it could also impact how well they do in school.

Ben: Technology is a benefit for teenagers because they are able to meet new people and socialize with others on social media. A lot of teenagers are the only child and have no one their age to hang out with. Using social media, they are able to communicate with other people their age. A lot of teens get depressed because they have no one to talk to or to hang out with. Depression is common in teens and according to, loneliness is the main cause of depression. Social media could also bring high self-esteem in teens and make them feel good about themselves. Also, a teenager might be on their phone all day and might go to sleep late because they are on their phone but they will wake up earlier to be on it as well.

Alanna: Technology in schools is quicker and some teachers teach with iPads, smartboards, etc. Some even allow students to use their phones to  look things up instead of using a dictionary.  Using technology in class is a very good idea because your class has instant access to information that can supplement their learning experience, but it could also be a distraction. Some teachers use iPads for tests or quizzes so it can be easier but it could allow more cheating to happen. Students could go on to another tab and look up answers. This is easier for a student to not try to learn or do well in class.

Ben: Another reason why technology is good for children is because it develops kids and teenagers with problem-solving skills. According to the, younger children are more interested in the short-term goals of games, which are essential in problem-solving. When playing a game, they often wonder which step comes next, or what the effects may be should they present a particular action in the game. This is helpful for their learning, especially in Math and Logical Reasoning. iPads and smartboards are actually a big help in the classroom as well. When its test time some kids don't like to take tests or quizzes on paper, they prefer iPads because its a better visual, which causes them to get a better grade.

Alanna: Technology can make teens obsessive. Every minute, every second they need their phone or any type of technology. Well what about books, homework, or anything that's beneficial? For example, a fire breaks out, some teens will run back in the fire to protect their phone. What I'm saying is teens will do anything it takes to keep their technology. If kids are on their phone all day they start to focus less, start to exercise less, start to do things carelessly because technology has their mind on a lock and chain.

Ben: Technology doesn't make teens obsessive. According to, Technology greatly helps a number of people. Teens use computers constantly – for school work, communication, sharing pictures and for entertainment purposes. Computers continue to change the world every day, opening countless opportunities for teens. They hold an immense amount of information; anything teens want to know is right at their fingertips. People often run errands and even shop without ever leaving home.

See how complicated this all is? There might not be one definitive answer. Even though we have two different opinions, both opinions are valid. Everyone thinks different and that is perfectly fine.

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