Drones Should Be Illegal

By: Axel Flores-Leon

As the future comes upon us people, new technology is created and upgraded. Drones can come a long way depending on which kind you're talking about, whether its military equipment or something you can buy online or at a store. If you think about it, store-bought drones or ones that you buy online can be a real threat, and I'm here to tell you why.

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I think it is very important for people to know that some things in America would be okay and not okay doing. For example, it is fine to use a drone outside around your house or a park, but it is not okay to fly a drone to a place where you cannot trespass. Yes, we all know that selling drones can give a company good money, but this is on a higher level. That's why I ask you this question, should drones be illegal?

Drones should be illegal in my opinion because people may take the drones as an opportunity. Some drones may include secret cameras within them and that is already something that's over the limit. Imagine a flying drone looking at you in front of your window at home, now that's very creepy and a different form of spying.

Drones can fly, you can attach things to this piece of tech. People can attach bombs or explosives to a drone and can cause a big act of terrorism, this equipment is too dangerous for kids, teens, and even adults. I've seen a drone in the sky once, and I thought it was just some regular bird flying in the sky, but obviously it was a high piece of technology AKA a drone, it kind of freaked me out to think what people can do with these things.

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I believe that drones should just be handled in the military and not just outside for the family or friends to be playing around with. This is a high-end piece of technology depending on what kind of drones are available. The government should ban drones and have it only allowed in the military.

Here's a video on [Military Use of Drones]

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