Chicago Bears: Why we started so Bad

By: Clarke Criddell The Chicago Bears have had a bad start. The urgency to provide upgrades with upside was not present. I have been a Bears fans and football fan for as long as I can remember and I know a lot when it comes to free-agency and your teams. The Chicago Bears have had... Read more »

Open letter to Trump: Do You Hate America?

By: Almani Bryant Dear Mr. Trump, When was the point in time in which the United States of America can be considered “great”? What time, in the past, do you plan to take us back to that is better than what we have now (minus the ruckus you have caused these past months)? Is it the time... Read more »

Relax.. They're Just Freshmen

By Sheri Idris They’re loud. They’re small. They seem annoying. They may get lost and ask us where their classes are like we have nothing better to do ourselves. We even say they’re immature. The funny thing is that we were once in their shoes. As a senior, I have honestly grown tired of them... Read more »

The Positives of Gaming

By Andrew Pappas Video games are often thought of as bad and unnecessary, but it is actually a great hobby that can have a lot of benefits and positives. Video games can help relieve your stress from your busy life, it can improve your vision and coordination, and it can make you smarter by teaching... Read more »

Code Purple and Gold: Bloggers for the 2017-2018 School Year

My name is Giancarlo. I am a senior. I like to play video games, play football, and listen to music. I plan on going to the military.
By: Alanna Elmore   Meet the 2017-2018 TFN Coding Students! Kevon and I are returning members, but the rest of our class is new to the ChicagoNow community and blogging in general, so please allow us to introduce ourselves. This is a new school year with new students and new personalities.  I really enjoyed writing... Read more »

Should Dress Codes Be Strict ?

By: Alanna Elmore & Kevon Hampton Most students have been limited to what they can wear and how they can wear certain things all of their life.  It’s not necessarily because they had to wear a uniform; it’s because their school has a certain dress code they have to abide by. A lot of these... Read more »

My First Year of Teaching Makes Me Cringe

By: Emily Biegel We are back! Summer break is over and we ready to go.  There’s no better way to get back on the blogging train than with a Blogapalooz-Hour challenge.  Typically we are given one topic per month, but this month we were able to revisit any of the previous topics from 2013 to... Read more »

Don't Just Play Video Games, Make Video Games!

Don't Just Play Video Games, Make Video Games!
By: Axel Flores-Leon In the world that we live in, the big picture for many people is “Money”. There are many ways to make money, but what’s an easy way to make money? Learning how to code is the answer to that question! Technology is the structure of the future, so if you start learning... Read more »

Six Intangible Benefits of Coding

By: Jon’tae Stroger It’s true that there is money to be made when learning how to code and many think of it as the next blue collar job, and while those are terrific perks of being an adept coder, there are also many less apparent ways that we gain from learning to code. Here are... Read more »

The Ball Brothers are the Biggest thing this year!

By: Kevon Hampton The Ball Brothers have been making a lot of noise in the sports world this year. Last year they all played for the same High School team, Chino Hills, and all had different play styles. LiAngelo is more of the muscle of the team and plays like a stretch big. Lonzo is an... Read more »