Should Dress Codes Be Strict ?

By: Alanna Elmore & Kevon Hampton Most students have been limited to what they can wear and how they can wear certain things all of their life.  It’s not necessarily because they had to wear a uniform; it’s because their school has a certain dress code they have to abide by. A lot of these... Read more »

My First Year of Teaching Makes Me Cringe

By: Emily Biegel We are back! Summer break is over and we ready to go.  There’s no better way to get back on the blogging train than with a Blogapalooz-Hour challenge.  Typically we are given one topic per month, but this month we were able to revisit any of the previous topics from 2013 to... Read more »

Don't Just Play Video Games, Make Video Games!

Don't Just Play Video Games, Make Video Games!
By: Axel Flores-Leon In the world that we live in, the big picture for many people is “Money”. There are many ways to make money, but what’s an easy way to make money? Learning how to code is the answer to that question! Technology is the structure of the future, so if you start learning... Read more »

Six Intangible Benefits of Coding

By: Jon’tae Stroger It’s true that there is money to be made when learning how to code and many think of it as the next blue collar job, and while those are terrific perks of being an adept coder, there are also many less apparent ways that we gain from learning to code. Here are... Read more »

The Ball Brothers are the Biggest thing this year!

By: Kevon Hampton The Ball Brothers have been making a lot of noise in the sports world this year. Last year they all played for the same High School team, Chino Hills, and all had different play styles. LiAngelo is more of the muscle of the team and plays like a stretch big. Lonzo is an... Read more »

Javascript Should be Learned by every Programmer!

By: Kevon Hampton Javascript is not just any Programming language it is the language that helps animate and makes a website interactive. Javascript is used in some of the biggest websites in the world which is why I thought it would be interesting to learn and it’s why I think it is so important to learn.... Read more »

TeamTreeHouse is an amazing way to improve your coding skills

By: Justin Altman Throughout the year in my coding class, we’ve been using Treehouse. Treehouse is a website that helps you learn or improve your skills in many coding languages. They do this through videos and hands on practice. After watching the video, you usually take a short quiz or they provide you with a workspace... Read more »

8 Ways To Make Money Off Of Coding

1. Computer Programming - Computer programming is the process of solving computer problems. To become a computer programmer you have to have the skill and the patience. You have to know the fundamental programming language. To go to school for this you have to get at least a bachelors degree. Most computer programmers have one. Degree programs are offered from the associate through the doctoral level. According to the BLS reports, the median annual wage for computer programmers was $79,530 in 2015. The best-paid 10 percent in the field made about $130,800, while the bottom 10 percent made about $44,450.
By: Alanna Elmore I wrote an in-depth post,  What Is Code, that you can read, but basically coding is like a puzzle. You have to use your brain and solve problems. Coding is a good skill to have because it’s a money maker. Technology is the future. Coding and computer programming is going to be the biggest job in... Read more »

Do you Have Summer 2017 Plans? Here Are 8 Ideas You Will Love.

By: Leslie Sanchez Summer break is just around the corner. What do you have planned? Are you going on a special trip with your family or friends? Or are you going to be home? Maybe you might have to work all summer? Will you take advantage & work more days or just relax & have... Read more »

Advice For High School Freshman

By: Ashanti Rodgers Are you an incoming freshman who’s entering high school in the fall? If so, are you excited? As an incoming freshman, you should feel excited to be finally entering high school because there are so many wonderful things that come with high school. There are things like football games, basketball games, pep... Read more »