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Plant Lover: Why I Am Stronger Than A Meat Eater!

It’s one of the most common questions Alex and I get asked: “But where do you get your protein?” What is this nation’s obsession with protein? I used to fall prey to it: to be healthy, you have to get an abundance of protein. If you want to develop muscle, you have to eat chicken,... Read more »

Simplify Your Diet: 10 Super Foods to Eat Every Day!

In a world of infinite food choices, it can be an overwhelming experience just to step out your front door and come up with a proper course of action for the day. Pack on about a million restaurants and trillions of calories at our fingertips, and it’s sometimes easy to forget how to eat well.... Read more »

Whey Your Options

Whey protein powder is a high quality powder made from cow’s milk. It is one of the most nutritious proteins available. The great thing about whey is that you can mix it with virtually any food for a great dose of extra protein. Alex and I have tried our fair share of proteins. Some are... Read more »