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Post Workout Chocolate Power Pudding!

One of the most common questions I get asked is what to eat before and after a workout. Ask this question to anyone, and you will get a wide range of answers.¬†Eat simple carbs! Eat complex carbs! Eat fat! Eat no fat! Eat something small! Eat something substantial! While pre-workout food is very important, what... Read more »

5 Fresh Foods to Eat Today!

In a world of infinite food choices, it’s hard to get adequate servings of vegetables and fruits. While there are the latest slew of veggie and fruit juice drinks, it’s better to get whole foods (or at least juice them yourself to avoid excess sugar). An easy trick to getting enough fruits and veggies is... Read more »

The Pleasure of Food: Take Back Your Health One Bite at a Time

It’s a common misconception that everything delicious in the world is unhealthy. I was under this same assumption when I first went to Europe. All my rules went out the window as I indulged in 4 pastries per day, had a diet consisting of bread, wine and cheese and felt absolutely fabulous (mainly due to... Read more »

The Anti-Breast Cancer Diet: Best Foods To Save Your Health!

My aunt recently went through breast cancer. Her mother died from it. My mother’s mother had it, and both of her sisters. I tried to look at all of these women objectively. From the naked eye, they looked to be healthy, they were relatively active, and thin. But, upon closer inspection, it was their diets... Read more »