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Post Workout Chocolate Power Pudding!

One of the most common questions I get asked is what to eat before and after a workout. Ask this question to anyone, and you will get a wide range of answers. Eat simple carbs! Eat complex carbs! Eat fat! Eat no fat! Eat something small! Eat something substantial! While pre-workout food is very important, what... Read more »

Fat? Nagging Injuries? Out of Shape? Top 5 Hidden Culprits!

We live in a society rife with diet books. Everyone wants a quick fix, and they want it now. There are a million reasons to eat a high carb, low fat diet, or a low carb, high fat diet, or be a vegan or eat only raw foods or eat everything in moderation or just... Read more »

The Science of Recovery: Best Pre and Post Workout Fuel!

The question I get asked most is what to eat before and after a workout. In months past, I would spout off things I’ve read, learned, studied, been told, tried, etc. It wasn’t until I read Thrive and really started thinking about the science of the body and how everyone offers “canned” information, that I... Read more »

Kill Cravings With Zucchini!

Today, as I stepped outside to train my first client, I let the brisk air awaken me to yet another beautiful day. One hour of torturing my friend and I was back inside to tackle my own workout, consisting of shoulders/core/hamstrings. At home, a whole foods protein shake downed, I am ready to continue my... Read more »