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Make Your Own Salad Dressing, Gourmet Coffee and Buttermilk: 5 Easy Recipes to Save Money!

Do you ever notice how much you spend on salad dressings, gourmet coffee or other common purchases that you might not pay attention to? This holiday season, frugal is the name of the game. By making your own salad dressings, coffee and even buttermilk, you can save money by investing just a few spare minutes... Read more »

Drink This, Not That: 5 Healthy Alternatives to Popular Drinks!

By now, you know how to make smarter choices when it comes to your food. Getting salads with the dressing on the side, having meat grilled or baked, no butter, no cheese, having veggies instead of fries, etc. But, what about drinks? You can unknowingly consume the bulk of your calories in liquid, without feeling... Read more »