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Do Your Kids Eat Fast Food? Might As Well Hand Them Cigarettes and Whiskey!

Treat fruit as dessert. Naturally sweet, completely satisfying, make it a rule in your house.
It’s a finicky thing – being a parent. Choosing what your child eats, when they eat it, and how often they eat it. Kids have food allergies. Kids don’t like vegetables. Kids beg for chicken nuggets. Kids don’t go outside. Kids play video games. Kids throw temper tantrums and become obese and unhealthy. Kids eat... Read more »

Cafeteria Overhaul: Get Healthy At School!

One of our missions in Chicago is to start redefining the cafeteria lunch. As a kid, standing in line on the rare days I didn’t have my brown bag in hand, I remember thinking, “Where are all the fruits and veggies?” Though I indulged in sweets and Lunchables were often a staple in that brown... Read more »